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Tooth Extractions
in Reston, VA

Our Reston dentist will try to keep your natural teeth as healthy as possible, as long as possible. But sometimes a dental extraction might be necessary if you are experiencing pain or a tooth is past the point of restoring. Therapeutic dental extractions always coincide with the long-term goal of smile reconstruction or replacement.

Dental Extractions in Reston

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Tooth Extractions in Reston, VA

Do I Need My Tooth Extracted?

Tooth decay and infections can sometimes cause such severe damage that the tooth is non-restorable. In those scenarios, the tooth is extracted to prevent infection from spreading to other teeth. It also relieves pain.

However, it’s important to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. It may be better to have a root canal or periodontal treatment than to remove a tooth due to a toothache. Dr. L will discuss your options with you so that you can feel confident about your choice. If we feel that the tooth can still be saved, we will let you know during your exam.

Oral Sedation is Available

We offer in-house oral sedation for a pleasant experience, whether you’re getting a dental crown or having multiple implants installed. Your comfort is important to us. With the help of sedation, you can consolidate phases of care into fewer visits and overcome past experiences that contribute to issues like dental anxiety. If you have reservations about treatment because of previous dental care or a sensitive gag reflex, sedation is an excellent tool to request during your appointment.

Common Reasons for Tooth Removal

If a tooth affects the overall health of the person's mouth, we recommend it be extracted. It’s best to ensure that other healthy teeth stay healthy and sometimes that means removing one or two problematic teeth.

These are just some of the reasons why you might need to have your tooth extracted.

  • For severe pain, dental emergencies, trauma, and similar situations
  • Teeth that are severely damaged from grinding, large cavities, or broken dental work
  • Orthodontic therapy
  • Wisdom teeth that are decaying, infected, or impacted
  • Advanced periodontal (gum) disease
Tooth Extractions in Reston, VA
Tooth Extractions in Reston, VA

Replacing Extracted Teeth

Picture yourself taking your favorite book from the shelf and taking it with you on a weekend trip. The shelf space is usually gone when you return to it a few days later. Books that were near to the space are now tilted into the extra room that was created.

Your smile is no exception. After one tooth is removed, it's only a matter time before other teeth start to move. Your opposing teeth could also begin to erupt further as it searches for a biting partner. 

Every tooth plays an important role in your smile's appearance and function. Even if the tooth isn’t visible to you when you laugh or talk, it can cause your other teeth to shift out of place.

By replacing missing teeth as soon as possible, you can maintain natural tooth spacing and bite patterns. Dr. L offers a variety of restorations to choose from, including dental implants. 

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