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Prompt Dentistry offers comprehensive dental care for all ages. We want your smile to last a lifetime. That’s why Dr. L offers preventative and early intervention strategies to help preserve your natural teeth and supporting tissues, using proactive and prevention-based therapies. 

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Cleanings and Checkups - Family Dentistry in Reston, VA - Prompt Dentistry

Cleanings and Checkups

Professional checkups are recommended twice a year for people with healthy teeth and gums. During your exam, we will screen for signs of oral diseases, such as periodontitis and decay. Our Reston dentist will also evaluate your TMJ function and how your teeth fit together.

Preventative cleanings remove buildup on and between teeth as well as below the gums, giving you a blank slate to maintain between checkups. If you have any specific areas of concern, we’ll show you how to better clean those surfaces at home.

Digital X-rays

High-resolution digital imaging makes it easier and faster to detect issues like decay, cysts, abscesses, and bone loss around your teeth. Digital images are also safer and more portable, making them better for our patients. We frequently incorporate digital X-rays into routine exams to ensure issues are addressed while they are smaller and more conservative to treat. 

Digital X-Rays - Family Dentistry in Reston, VA - Prompt Dentistry
Dental Sealants - Family Dentistry in Reston, VA - Prompt Dentistry

Dental Sealants

Our patients have the option of adding protective dental sealants to the deep grooves and pits of their molars (back teeth.) Our Reston dentist recommends sealing molars soon after they erupt, which is usually around ages 6 and 12, respectively. These protective barriers help safeguard at-risk areas in your or your child’s mouth to reduce the chance of tooth decay in hard-to-clean spaces. 

Fluoride Treatments

Topical fluoride helps remineralize weak enamel, combatting tooth sensitivity and demineralization. When used as directed, fluoride reduces your chances of cavities. As a natural mineral, fluoride is just as important for strong teeth as calcium is for healthy bones. 

Fluoride Treatments - Family Dentistry in Reston, VA - Prompt Dentistry
Oral Cancer Screenings - Family Dentistry in Reston, VA - Prompt Dentistry

Oral Cancer Screenings

Sun exposure, certain viruses, tobacco, and alcohol use all increase the risk of this deadly disease. Early detection is the best way to get the best treatment. As part of our thorough examination, we perform routine oral cancer screenings during your regular checkups. The sooner precancerous lesions are detected, the better the treatment outcome typically is. 

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal (or gum) disease can lead to tooth loss and bone resorption. It can also affect your overall health, making it more difficult for your body to ward off other infections. Periodontal disease, if not treated, can increase your risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, infertility, and pneumonia.

Gum disease causes the gradual loss of your gums and bone tissue around teeth. It can eventually lead to tooth loss. The earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis, can be reversed with good home care and regular cleanings. But periodontal disease requires professional care, as oral hygiene alone cannot eliminate the infection.

Periodontal Theraphy - Family Dentistry in Reston, VA - Prompt Dentistry

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