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Restorative Dentistry in Reston, VA

At Prompt Dentistry, your family can find minimally invasive and advanced treatments like dental implant placement, conservative white fillings, and more.

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White Fillings - Restorative Dentistry in Reston, VA

White Fillings

Composite fillings are metal-free and bond directly with your tooth. This makes them more conservative in size and an ideal choice for treating areas of tooth decay. Each restoration is matched to the color of your surrounding tooth surfaces for the best aesthetic results. The earlier your cavity is repaired, the more natural tooth structure we can help you preserve. 

Dental Crowns 

Sometimes called "caps," crowns protect your tooth from damage during daily chewing and biting. Crowns are recommended for teeth that have suffered severe structural damage, large areas of decay, or following root canal treatment. Dr. L may also recommend a crown if your tooth has serious aesthetic needs, but you do not qualify for dental veneers. Crowns are also used when replacing older, large silver fillings because of the size of those restorations. 

Dental Crowns - Restorative Dentistry in Reston, VA
Dental Implants - Restorative Dentistry in Reston, VA

Dental Implants

Biocompatible dental implants are perfect for single, multiple, or complete tooth replacement throughout your smile. Because of their functionality and durability, dental implants are the most long-lasting and durable restoration available. When properly cared for, a dental implant can last for the rest of your life. We perform your entire dental implant treatment at our office in Reston. All-on-4 options are also available instead of wearing dentures.

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Dental Bridges

Bridges can replace 1-2 missing teeth at a time, or up to 3-4 teeth if they’re placed on top of dental implants. Traditional bridges on natural teeth also serve a dual purpose of acting as a protective crown on each supportive tooth. 

Dental Bridges - Restorative Dentistry in Reston, VA
Root Canal Therapy - Restorative Dentistry in Reston, VA

Root Canal Therapy 

Endodontics is often the last option for tooth preservation. Particularly in instances where a tooth is abscessed or severely decayed.  Root canals protect a tooth against further infection by removing the dying or abscessed nerve from the tooth, filling the hollow nerve canal, and preventing recurring infections from developing. A crown is usually needed after root canal therapy is complete. 

Sedation is Available

We offer in-house oral sedation for a pleasant experience, whether you’re getting a dental crown or having multiple implants installed. Your comfort is important to us. With the help of sedation, you can consolidate phases of care into fewer visits and overcome past experiences that contribute to issues like dental anxiety. If you have reservations about treatment because of previous dental care or a sensitive gag reflex, sedation is an excellent tool to request during your appointment. 

Flexible Payment Options

Everyone should have a healthy smile. For our patients without dental insurance, we offer a private membership plan that is available in our office. All services are also eligible for flexible financing through our 3rd party lenders. 

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